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Halkapınar Mah. Pakistan Caddesi No:11C Megapol Tower Çarşıkule

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About Us

In 1974, the first trout facility was establishedin the Çağlayan Village of the Rize Fındıklıdistrict in the Black Sea Region, and thus, itwas seen that the cold highland waters ofthe Çağlayan Valley had suitable conditionsfor raising trout. Region; In addition to beingsuitable for trout production, it also showedits difference with the unique taste of thefish belonging to this region. 

Kuzuoğlu Aquaculture Inc. After 2006, when the first foundations were laid with the wind provided by this structure, which provides high quality production in the region, it has been shaped over the years and found the road map for the future in 2010. Thanks to our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hasan Kuzuoğlu’s visionary view and business dominance, the commercial courseof the investment was determined, and with the management of the investment in 2011, by establishing the first large integrated facilities producing high quality standard production, Kuzuoğlu, the export leader inits field, was the first to come to today. And he has taken an important step. Today, the salmon trout produced by our company, which produces thousands of tons every year, has crossed the borders of Turkey and reached more than 10 countries in different regions of the world, primarily Russia and Japan. In our state-of-the-art facilities in Fındıklı district; Kuzuoğlu, which supplies the whole, fillet, smoked, marinated, salted and sauced fish to the world market, has become aworld brand today with its production processes at high quality standards in the international arena.

Continuing to maintain its visionary spiritand innovation with its future-oriented investments in order to keep up with the developing world, Kuzuoğlu continues togrow and expand its market share day by day.

We plan our high-standard production and distribution processes to the finest detail, process quality in our state-of-the-art facilities and present them to the world. Our biggest motivation is the trust and satisfaction we receive from our customers.